Freelance journalist/copywriter, researcher and editor (August 2015 to present)

Journalism and copywriting

I’ve been a regular contributor to CityMetric (New Statesman), InMotion Magazine (Jaguar), The Motherhood, Tantrum.zyx, Reclaim Magazine (quarterly column),, Dilettante Army and the E List. I’ve written one-off articles for Design Exchange and Sorbet.

I conduct interviews, write copy and manage client relations with global CEOs for Business Worldwide Magazine (January 2016 to present). All my work is prepared to publication standard. I also write CEO thought leadership manuscripts for Write Business Results.

I’ve acted as communications lead for art charities and events, most recently for Wivenhoe Creatives CIC, the Wild About Wivenhoe festival and Off the Rails/Words down the Line.

I’ve also managed social media marketing for various organisations and publications such as Driftmine, Wivenhoe Creatives CIC and Off the Rails. I’ve mentored student social media volunteers.


As a freelancer, I’ve worked with third sector and private sector clients on research and report writing projects: for example, reports on sustainability, green walls, town and city profiles, business white papers, digital economies and art markets.

I’ve conducted research analysis: for example, on institutional racism in the arts (University of the Arts, London), estrangement (Stand Alone) and the participation of the deaf in sports (UK Deaf Sports).

I’ve mentored PhD and post-doc researchers to develop their research, research profiles and journalism, most recently for Haut University.


I was editor of the independent and multi-authored online current affairs magazine Driftmine between 2015 and 2016 (a time-limited project, now offline with content republished).

I have edited two books and numerous PhDs, research reports and articles.

Creative projects

Off the Rails and Words Down the Line: I curate the public art exhibition Off the Rails, which promotes local artists and designers, and I help to coordinate Words Down the Line, a free poetry project which produces a quarterly illustrated poetry postcard circulated across Essex and London.

Interurban Lines: I founded blogging site Interurban Lines to compare urban and rural development, design, regeneration and culture. I have developed Interurban Lines through an Instagram based photography project (@creativejourney_ne). Time permitting, I plan to evolve this work into a new digital platform, more frequent multi-authored writing and exhibitions.

Lecturer at the Open University (pre-1992 university sector) (2005-2014)

I performed a variety of roles at the Open University.

I was a member of two course teams in production (each took two years to develop), leading on one module in each and editing two books, developing pedagogy on independent distance learning, and other distance learning course materials.

I was national programme leader for the Master’s module, Crime Prevention, Community Safety and Social Order, for four years, managing course development, assessment and tutors.

I had influential management roles: for example, I was Faculty Director of Postgraduate Studies, which involved managing all aspects of PhD study from recruitment to viva and beyond. During this time, I launched an innovative project to enhance virtual engagement for PhD students, in response to a lack of participation and retention in the Faculty.

I was the principal investigator of an ethnographic project investigating the experience of urban parenting and community relationships. I interviewed thirty mothers living in E17, London and produced articles and reports. I spoke at several conferences, collaborated with colleagues at Northampton University and with the charity Birthrights. I blogged about this research on the platform ‘Parenting and the Urban Experience.’

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at Roehampton University (2000 to 2005)

In my time at Roehampton, I developed, launched, managed and taught a new programme in criminology. It had a 90% retention rate and created a new pedagogic framework for inclusion and diversity. As a result, I was invited to participate on a university-wide committee on student retention and to apply for promotion.

I also managed and taught modules in the social sciences, urban studies and research methods.

I was the principal investigator on a major ethnographic study of racial exclusion in licensing and planning centred on Brixton, London. I later wrote a book and a range of academic articles. I have spoken at conferences and have been interviewed by journalists (for example, Vice). I was invited to speak at conferences across the UK, Toronto and Frankfurt as a significant leader in the emerging field of racial exclusion in the night-time economy.

Other employment

I also taught part-time at Middlesex University, Southampton University, London Guildhall University and the Open University during my PhD (1997-2002).

Before applying for PhD, I worked in administration, banking and retail, doing telephone and customer liaison, admin and data entry.


I hold a PhD in urban studies from Middlesex University, an MA (Distinction) in social and political thought from Sussex University, and an undergraduate degree (2/1) in philosophy from Glasgow University. I received a competitive scholarship to fund my Masters and PhD studies.

As a freelancer, I’ve participated in journalism training courses, such as pitching and client relationships.

Currently working towards an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism by distance learning to round out my skills in journalism.

I passed a social media marketing course in 2015.

Additional skills and information

I am a keen photographer (some of my images are on this site!). I can do basic photo editing, design and podcasting.

I hold a clean UK driving license.

Alongside my other creative voluntary projects, I am a parent governor of Broomgrove Junior School in Wivenhoe, Essex.