Journalism and Copywriting (selected)

Why cities get the best jobs, Forbes 12th September 2018.

Barren land – why is new build commercial space under-occupied? Forbes 17th July 2018.

Woman In Urbanism Linda Buchanan Stands For Mayor In North Vancouver, Forbes 4th July 2018.

Is how you vote really about where you live? Forbes 28th June 2018.

Rebuilding the rural economy, Forbes 26th June 2018.

Public Assets Sell-Offs “On A Massive Scale,” Says Locality’s Chief Executive, Forbes 21st June 2018.

UK government’s garden town plan flounders, Forbes 18th June 2018.

When small business and the financial sector collide, Forbes 14th June 2018.

OECD Report Puts Small Business At The Heart Of Equality Strategies, Forbes 11th June 2018.

Small business is the engine of the city, Forbes 5th June 2018.

Innovative toolkit to promote healthy and vibrant city streets, Forbes 24th May 2018.

Is participatory community co-creation the key to economic growth? Forbes, 22nd May 2018.

How do we solve the housing crisis? New community-led models for planning and architecture. Forbes, 17th May 2018.

Making the connection between social housing and economic growth, Forbes, 15th May 2018.

Will the UK Labour Party reclaim the rural heartlands, Forbes, 10th May 2018.

Why women matter in urbanism and city planning, Forbes, 8th May 2018.

Housing is connected to economic growth, but only the right housing in the right place, Forbes, 1st May 2018.

The garden village dream, Inside Housing, 28th February 2018.

Hitting the wall – four problems with dockless bikeshare, and how to solve them,, 1st February 2018.

Rural reclamation, Reclaim Magazine, January 2018. PDF – Rural Rec.

How to launch a dockless bikeshare scheme,, 5th January 2018.

Creativity at the Frontiers – Excavating the Rural, Dilettante Army, December 2017.

3 projects helping mums (and carers) back to work, Positive News, 14th November 2017.

Mum skills – challenging the motherhood penalty, Positive News, 14th November 2017.

Rethinking the creative class – towards creative resistance, Dilettante Army, 13th September 2017.

Factsheet: Supporting your health and wellbeing. Society for Education and Training. May 2017. PDF – set-et-foundation-co-uk (2

Could the Sanctuary Cities movement take off in the UKCityMetric, 4th May 2017.

Creative Collaboration in Action – the Kinship Gatherings. Wivenhoe Creatives. 29th April 2017. PDF – KinshipGatherings.

How busy parents can overcome transport challengesInMotion Magazine. 27thApril 2017.

Self-righteousness on social media and the politics of shamingThe Unapologists, 25th April 2017.

Why a creative coworking space for Wivenhoe. Wivenhoe Creatives. 9th March 2017.

Radical Love: Female Lust – a Review. Wivenhoe Creatives. 6th March 2017.

From William Morris’ Walthamstow, to John Ball’s Colchester: how placemakers are co-opting the dead. CityMetric. 2nd March 2017.

Why collaborative working is better for creative businesses. Wivenhoe Creatives 1st March 2017.

Will 2017 be the year of personalised travel? InMotion Magazine. 27thFebruary 2017.

We Walk The Line at Firstsite – Review. Wivenhoe Creatives. 26th February 2017. PDF – wewalkthelineWC.

From William Morris’ Walthamstow, to John Ball’s Colchester: how placemakers are co-opting the dead. CityMetric. 2nd March 2017.

The shape of things to come: Experts on future transport in 2017. InMotion Magazine. 26th January 2017.

Lost governments of fragile reason. Sociological Imagination. 21st January 2017.

Why is nightlife framed as a social problem in the UK? Interurban Lines. 11thJanuary 2017.

Debtonating debt. The E List. January 2017, p. 16-7.

Garden villages and groundhog days. Interurban Lines. 5th January 2017.

The gender pay gap. Sociological Imagination. 4th January 2017.

The return of school discipline – why children should be free. Sociological Imagination, 16th December 2016.

Alternate realities in the high street – a small psychogeography of gentrification in E17. Interurban Lines. 15th December 2016.

Squeezing us ’till it hurts – motherhood, discrimination & universities. Sociological Imagination. 8th December 2016.

Are micro homes an answer to the housing crisis? Interurban Lines. 5thDecember 2016.

Is not-London the new London? CityMetric. 28th November 2016.

On Yer Bike: London’s cycle superhighways. The Motherhood. 27th June 2016.

Epping Forest and Butler’s Retreat – review. The Motherhood. 24th August 2016.

Gourmet food for all the family – the Queen’s Arms, Walthamstow Village E17. The Motherhood. 16th August 2016.

The Castle Pub, E17 – review. 27th July 2017.

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