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Communications Officer at MWS Technology Ltd (.5 permanent from December 2018)

I work with marketing to write and produce blogs, articles, interviews, case studies, white papers and eBooks. I help plan, write and commission for MWS’s quarterly newsletter. I liaise with the press to arrange thought leaderships interviews. I help with applications for industry awards and conduct industry research.

Freelance journalist/copywriter, researcher and editor (August 2014 to present)

Journalism and copywriting

I’ve written extensively on interior design and artisanal products for my quarterly column in Reclaim Magazine. I wrote for OnOffice and Design Exchange on rural coworking and micro homes respectively (emphasising the design aspects). I’ve written about rural creativity for Dilettante Army, a Brooklyn-based arts magazine and covered urban arts for the E List.

I’ve written about cities, transport and regeneration for CityMetric (New Statesman), Inside Housing, InMotion Magazine and I’ve written for State of the Green Economy, a publication exploring the implementation of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

I’m a regular contributor to the magazine Underpinned, writing about freelancing, and have in the past written for publications like Positive News, the Motherhood and Tantrum.zyx on women and motherhood.

I am a specialist contributor to Forbes, writing about the economic impact of culture, architecture, and urban and rural development. I produce seven features and interviews every month. I’ve written a book on the urbanist Jane Jacobs, due to be published early 2019.

I conduct interviews, write copy and manage client relations with global finance, pharma and business CEOs for the B2B publication Business Worldwide Magazine (January 2015 to present). I write video scripts with BWW clients. I also write CEO thought leadership books for Write Business Results. I have had copywriting roles in Fintech companies and start-ups, which included developing marketing strategies.


I was editor of the independent and multi-authored online current affairs magazine Driftmine between 2015 and 2016 (a time-limited project, now offline with content republished). This project achieved 2000 new readers a month, I built from scratch an engaged social media following and the articles gained traction in the mainstream press.

I have nearly two decades of experience editing and proofreading books, PhDs, research reports, academic papers and media articles.

Lecturer at the Open University and Roehampton University (2000-2014)

I was a member of two course teams in production at the Open University (each took two years to develop and both were high-recruiting and highly-rated), leading on one module in each and editing two interdisciplinary books, developing pedagogy on independent distance learning, and other distance learning course materials. I was course director other national courses, which involved managing associate lecturers, writing updated materials and monitoring and improving quality.

I had strategic roles as Faculty Director of Postgraduate Studies, including launching a digital platform – the Coffeehouse – to enhance virtual engagement for part-time PhD students.

In my time at Roehampton, I developed, launched, managed and taught a new programme in criminology. I managed all aspects of the programme, including staff, workloads, pastoral care and quality. The programme achieved a 90% retention rate and created a new pedagogic framework for inclusion and diversity. As a result, I was invited to participate on a university-wide committee on student retention and to apply for promotion.

I developed several research projects, including geographical analyses of the night-time economy and urban parenting. This research translated into numerous articles and books. I reviewed and edited research papers for urban studies publications. I have spoken at conferences and have been interviewed by journalists (for example, Vice). I was invited to speak at conferences across the UK, Toronto and Frankfurt as a significant leader in the emerging field of racial exclusion in the night-time economy. I developed blogging platforms for each of these projects and have contributed to many blogging sites.


I hold a PhD in urban studies from Middlesex University, an MA (Distinction) in social and political thought from Sussex University, and an undergraduate degree (2/1) in philosophy (minors include economic history) from Glasgow University. I received a competitive scholarship to fund my Masters and PhD studies.

As a freelancer, I’ve participated in journalism training courses, such as pitching and client relationships. I passed the Digital Mums social media marketing course in 2015.

Additional skills and information

I am a keen photographer, some of which I post on Instagram @creativejourney_ne, and I have skills in photo editing, InDesign and podcasting.

I hold a clean UK driving license and am a UK citizen.